Share a Star is a young charity that works to support severely unwell children and teenagers under the age of 21 suffering from a range of serious chronic, life threatening or terminal conditions.

We call people who we look up to ‘Stars’ from film stars to pop stars, so why not call those who are battling illnesses ‘Stars’ too?

It is really important to involve the whole family, especially the siblings, as they tend to get unintentionally forgotten. In fact, they are stars in their own right!

Holding Stars

Our aim is to send a positive message of hope and to make each youngster feel special by creating a special holding star. Each star is handmade and completely unique, featuring the youngster’s favourite things. We also write unique poems to each one of our Stars.

Along with the stars, we send special gifts and cards to help bring a much needed smile to these brave fighters.

Oakley’s Outings

Oakley’s Outings is a new project run by Share a Star, enabling seriously ill children with complex needs to go on a day trip with their family. This is a new initiative that has been named after a little boy called Oakley, who suffered from the severest form of Steven Johnson Syndrome (TENS). Oakley was only 7 when he suffered an allergic reaction to a medication, which left him fighting for his life.

Superstar Surprise

When one of the youngsters we look after is in hospital for a long period, then we do everything we can to bring back some sparkle to their and their siblings’ faces. Therefore, we send them a box of delights, also known as a Superstar Surprise. Each box of delights is completely unique and it is full of things that are particularly special to the Star. We even had a cap made with the name of a charity that one of our superstars was setting up!

Happy Boxes

It is important to make sure that when a child or a teenager is going through a tough time, they are given some hope to hold onto. We provide this by creating special ‘Happy Boxes’ that are just a box full of sparkle and happiness. Think of it as a stocking that lifts their spirits! These go to the siblings too and make an extra special moment of delight. We are now coming to a point in which we will enable anyone who would like to make their own happy box that will be sent onto the families.

Star of the Moment

Each month, we choose one of our Stars and tell their story through our project called a ‘Star of the Moment’. We give the supporters the story of the Star that are going through a horrendous time, or simply need remembering.

Forever a Star

When a star has passed away, they become Forever a Star in our eyes, We send out special tributes to each child and they become our Forever Stars, whilst sending a pack of goodies to their siblings too, whose lives have been turned upside down. Our hope is to be able to send just memorials to these superstar families for the loss of their loved angel.

Share a Star is hoping to grow and be able to do more for our Stars.

To find out more about the people behind the scenes, why not click and meet the team?


The Making of the Star

Here is a short video showing some of the hard work that goes into making each holding Star. It is important to us that every star is made with the love, compassion and individuality that makes Share a Star special. Each Star is handmade and uses all the youngsters interests to make it extra special for them! We have made a variety of from stars based on Twilight, One Direction to The Only Way is Essex and from Shaun the sheep, Butterflies to Peppa Pig as well!

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