“Hi, my name is Jessica and I’ve been in and out of hospitals for many years as I am seriously unwell. Hospitals are really not very fun places to be and being ill is definitely not much fun…

I think it is important to bring back the sparkle for children and teenagers who are fighting life threatening or chronic illnesses. My Gran was always full of sparkle and she is my inspiration for a charity called Share a Star. When I use the term ‘sparkle’, I mean bringing back the smile and lifting someone’s spirits.

It started with one special star, but what about using that Star to create lots of completely unique Stars for each completely unique youngster? Providing them with their very own special Star. There are many different reasons why I see Stars as important – they are full of light and most importantly HOPE. We all need a bit of hope so we need to give extra hope to those who are unwell.

There are many millions of stars that fill the night’s sky, yet each one is unique – just like there are millions of people yet each person is unique too. We use the term ‘star’ for people we look up to: film stars, TV stars, sports stars, popstars and the list continues! Now we can have many new superstars who are living with life threatening illnesses too. They sound like the stars that I would look up to!”