Share a Star was the vision of our founder, Jessica L E Taylor. We launched officially on 10/10/10 at 1010hrs!

Share a Star is about spreading hope to children and young adults. It is operated by a group of Trustees All our work is based on donations, fundraising activities  and sales of merchandise and artwork form our founder.

Name: Jessica L. E. Taylor

Nickname: Jessica

Occupation: Founder/ Chairman

JessicaI spent 4 years hospitalised and completely bed bound with severe M.E. I am now at home with my family but remain bedbound and restricted to one room. At my worst I was unable to recognise my family, and unable to move, to name just a few of my symptoms. through my own ill health, I found found art! Nobody wants to be ill, specially young children and teenagers, when they are but at the beginning of life. Through my own experience, illness can be terribly lonely. I have always lived on the belief of hope, and the idea of Share a Star came to me. A way in which I could help another even from the position of a bed. I launched Share A Star in 2010.

My passion is to continue to get better so I can do more for Share a Star.

Name: Colin Taylor

Nickname: Chuckles

Occupation: Paramedic / Health & Safety Manager /  Trustee (Secretary) / Webmaster!

Colin Taylor - Trustee

I have spent the last 9 years watching my daughter, Jessica (founder) suffer her severe illness and have now been appointed her official PA!It is wonderful to see how she has improved, little by little and I have always been inspired by her positive outlook and belief in the hope that she will fight her illness and come through it a stronger person. I am delighted she now feels well enough to pass on this message of hope through Share a Star.

I have been a governor of the local primary school where all my children attended for 19 years and took the decision in 2010 to stand down. I now know what I spend my time doing!



Name: Tom Taylor


Occupation: SECAMB Ambulance Technician/ Treasurer

Tom Taylor - Trustee

For the last 9 years my sister has suffered with severe M.E/CFS and I have watched as it has put her through so much in terms of pain, debility and general turmoil.

I think that hope is very important to somebody who suffers from a chronic illness as there are times when it seems that everything is against you. I believe Jessica's dream to be a very worthwhile cause and I hope that it will be successful so that youngsters who are severely ill know that there is always somebody thinking of them and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.



Name: Gail Megan Gladdis

Nickname: No nickname but answers to anything and everything! 

Occupation: Customer Assistant in bank for 24years

Hi. I am so honoured to be writing this short piece as a Trustee to Jessica's Share a Star Charity.

The Taylor's have been a special family to me and my daughter Lauren for over 24 years.Jessica was my beautiful little bridesmaid, age 4 and I am as proud of her then as I am now.

I hope that her dream can become a reality and I will do all that I can to help her achieve this.


Name: Lorraine Orange

Occupation: Full time Mum

Lorraine Orange - TrusteeLorraine joined with us when we launched Oakley's Outings at Share A Star. She and her husband Steven are the parents of Oakley who is one of our stars. Oakley suffered with TENS, a severe manifestation of Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). When he started to recover we joined forces as the charity wanted to do some outings for our stars and the Oranges wanted to organise days out to let children have a day without thinking about hospitals, doctors and treatments and have time to be a family. Oakley's Outings at Share a Star was born! 



Name: Ant West


Occupation: Project Manager, banking

Ant West - TrusteeAnt has been a family friend of Team Taylor for more years than most of us would wish to remember! It was an obvious choice to ask him to be one of our founder trustees as he knew the family values and could bring a corporate air to the trustee board with his experience in the commercial banking world and project management.