Becs’s BOING!

Well, Dickie dived for us earlier this year, now it’s time for Becs to top that and do a 300ft jump off a crane!

Becs at home with Jessica

Becs at home with Jessica

“Leaping from the world of 6th form into my new world of university and the world at large!

My sister set up the Share A Star charity from her World of One Room. She has suffered from severe ME/CFS since the age of 15. I have grown up with this illness and know how it can affect the whole family. Share A Star supports both the young sufferer and their siblings; passing on a message of HOPE.
I am leaving the sixth form and jumping into an unknown world at university. What better way to celebrate my leaping off from 300ft up. I am leaping into my new world – help me celebrate by also raising funds for my sister’s charity.
Thank you!”

Please support Becs in her fundraising and amazing challenge. She is too shy to ask most people direct so please consider a sponsor. Tax payers can give via gift aid to help boost funds raised. Follow the link below…

Becs’s BOING! 300ft jump from a crane



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