Dickie’s Dive – Feb 17th

Our next challenger to raise funds is our friend and support Richard LLewllyn. Richard has previously joined our Trustee Tom to climb Mt Kilimanjaro to raise funds for AYME who supported Jessica and family through the early years of ME.

Dickie’s Dive is his next challenge and funds raised through sponsorship will come direct to Share A Star. We have set up a donations page on our website. Please visit and give what you can to support Richard diving off into the air from a crane near Windsor next month.

Bungee sponsor

Richard said “Ever since I was a little lad, I’ve never had the urge to throw myself from a platform way above the ground with an elastic band strapped to my ankle. The thought of diving head first to certain doom, only to bounce back (hopefully) at the last minute only to hurtle back toward the ground again, quite frankly doesn’t excite me.

By the same token however, I’ve never had the urge to spend my life in bed, unable to do the things my friends are doing, having to rely on help from others for the simplest tasks, and in some cases for all tasks.

I’ve got a choice. To bungee or not. I’m hoping my choosing to do something ridiculous, will help raise awareness and encourage donations to help those who don’t have a choice.”

Please spread the word and for those who  wish to sponsor Dickie’s Dive please visit our sponsorship page.

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