Dynamo Makes Magic

Dynamo is known for making magic through his tricks, but in November 2015, he created it by going on behalf of Share a Star to visit our Ruth Star in hospital. Ruth is seriously chronically unwell and spends a huge amount of time in hospital being fed through tubes.

When Dynamo was a teen, he was also seriously unwell. The fact that he got better enough to live his dreams, means that he acts as a beacon of hope to chronically unwell youngsters. Having only spent two weeks of 2015 at home, we asked Ruth what would be a wish of a lifetime, and her answer was to meet her hero Dynamo.

We love spreading hope, so worked our hardest and managed to make this dream come true! We managed to keep it a secret from Ruth and her face was a picture when Dynamo walked into her hospital bay. He spent time with Ruth and did what he does best; create magic! A massive thank you to Dynamo, and all that work with him for fitting in a visit to Ruth so quickly.

Dynamo and Ruth StarThe event was covered by the Slough Express local newspaper. View the article at Slough Express


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