Share a Star creates wonderful Happy Boxes to bring happiness for youngsters who are seriously unwell and their siblings too. They aren’t incredibly expensive, but they are full of bits and bobs that will make that child or teenager feel extra special.
Now we have an even better idea – we are giving you the option to make your very own Happy Boxes! You can either make a box up with our list of ideas, or just donate a few items that we shall then make into a box! We would ask you to send them to our HQ and Share a Star would then send it on to make a family smile! Part of this initiative is to show you exactly where your donation is going, so we would let you know what has happened to your box and who it has helped.
The video below shows actress Kirsty Strain with her little nephew Alfie, making up a box of goodies to send to someone his own age (4). It is a great way to get youngsters into volunteering.

How to Make Happiness

A box full of happiness can be an easy thing to make. It doesn't need to cost much but can make a huge difference to seriously ill youngsters and their siblings. Here are some ideas of how YOU can make happiness through our Happy Boxes.
Box One – Age 3-7 (Appropriate for a girl or boy – different toys etc)
Colouring book, crayons, soft toy, small soft ball, bubbles, book, My Little Pony, large lego, Superstar flannel, Share a Star sock monkey, squidgy animal with light inside, cars, trains, small bag of sweets (Haribo etc)
Box Two – Age 7-11
Colouring book/ dot to dot/activity book, crayons or felt pens, My Little Pony, lego, pull back cars/ aeroplanes, trucks, bubbles, Top trump cards, book, craft activities, small games – ludo etc, Superstar flannel, Share a Star sock monkey, small bag of sweets (Haribo etc)
Box Three – 11-21 (Vary appropriately for age)
Suduko book, crossword book, adult colouring book, felt pens, fabric pens, fun sticky post it note sets, pencil case, stationary set, retractable pens, key rings, detailed craft sets, sewing sets, nail files, watch, torch, small adjustable desk light, scented candles, drink bottles, jewellery sets, packs of cards, dominoes, make up bags, deodorant, hand wash, make up wipes, lip balm, chocolates, sweets
This is just a guide. There are usually about 10 items in a box. Boxes will vary as I find different things or am given things for the boxes. I am always on the look-out for things to go into the boxes. I usually spend around £10 - £15 for a box, however sometimes the older ones cost more as it is difficult to find things for £1, appropriate for older young people.