Our Sister Charity – PostPals

In September 2010, I lived in a hospital and I met this incredible young lady called Vikki George who runs Post Pals. At the time I couldn’t move or do much, so I sent Vikki one of the stars that covered my ceiling and was one of the reasons Share A Star began.

We stayed in the same hospital for a couple of weeks and I thought now is the time to tell you about the charity and founder who helped us so very much.

PostPalsis a registered charity that has a very simple but effective idea; to send happy post to seriously ill kids. They set up a page allowing you to see each “Pal” (seriously ill kid) and their story so you can choose who you send a smile in the post to. www.postpals.co.uk

Vikki is also severely unwell, yet she arranges a party annually. In this party it is insanely amazing but incredibly kind, knowing that I’m not well enough to organise one myself, they allow us to be a part of their party. Very kindly we join up together, not only to help very, very poorly children in hospital which we do as a double-trouble team. Additionally some Pals are referred to us to become Stars as well.

Thanks Team Post Pals, it’s an honour to work with you! #creatingsmilestogether

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