Star of the Moment MARCH 2016

This month, we are highlighting transplant donation and how life saving these are. Our Jude Star is March’s Star of the Moment, so here is a little bit more about what struggles he has been through:

Jude has Intestinal Failure and now requires a Multi Visceral Transplant. He has been unable to feed normally since he was born. He was pre term and very sick it really became apparent that there was something very wrong when he began to have formula. We spent 2 years trying to feed via many routes including his small bowel. Jude failed to thrive and was very small and underweight so at 2 he commenced TPN ( Total Parental Nutrition) since starting TPN he has had many complications including a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in his lung) and recurrent line infections. Sadly he needs to be on his TPN 24 hours a day. He has had many surgeries this year to ensure we had tried everything to restore his bowel function. This being unsuccessful resulted in Jude being listed for Transplant.

What Jude’s Mum says about Share a Star:
Share a Star is a wonderful charity who really cares. Although Jessica is poorly herself, she always makes time to see if her ‘Stars’ are ok! Jude loves his star and will benefit from other organisations through Share a Star. We are really very lucky to be part of this wonderful charity.


We shall be sending Jude a bunch of balloons and will continue to support Jude and his family. Next is his adventure to go to the theatre, due to Share a Star’s Oakley’s Outing! Please make sure you support organ donation, you could change lives

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