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 Star of the Moment


joshuaAt nine month’s old Joshua had been unsettled so his parents took him to their GP who told them it was just teething problems and to give him calpol.

Within 20 minutes of returning home Joshua started fitting. 999 was called but by the time they arrived he was covered from head to foot in a rash.

He was rushed to a hospital where they were told it could be meningitis. Joshua was transferred to Bristol children’s hospital as they had specialist equipment to treat him.

On that journey, Joshua had to be resuscitated three times, he was unrecognisable by the time he arrived, the rash had turned him purple and his tiny body had ballooned.

 Throughout the next few hours he fought against all odds, through kidney failure, dialysis and being put in an induced coma he never gave up.

When they finally woke him up from his coma his fingers and toes had started going black from the septicaemia. His mum and dad were told he would lose fingers and toes and would need further amputations. He lost half of his right foot, four toes on his left foot, and half of both of his hands.

This was just the start of his journey living with the after effects of meningitis. Joshua has had many surgeries to help his quality of life which has meant further amputations and operations to insert pins in his hands to stretch the bones.

Joshua is now having further surgery this month to amputate more of his leg, hopefully this will be the last amputation he will need.

Joshua always has a smile on his face and an amazing determination to prove against all the odds that he will do whatever he wants to do and will succeed no matter what.

His brother and sister have been an amazing support duo to Joshua and both deal with his journey with incredible maturity.

Amazing children and amazing parents.